A Picnic surprise with Num Noms for National Picnic Week

National Picnic week has come around again and it starts on the 21st June and runs till 30th June 2019.
As part of National Picnic week, we headed off to the beach with a basket of Num Noms to complete the perfect picnic. Our picnic has a handful of must-haves in it. Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, Yoghurt deserts and a bottle of drink. However, the most important part of a picnic is to have fun outdoors. Being outside with my sister and parents is a coll event as we don’t picnic that often.

Adding some Num Noms into the picnic added a surprise fun element that kept us guessing to the end. `We played at Druridge Bay until the sun went down.🌞

Drurudge Bay is on the Northumberland coastline and has some amazing sand dunes. We love it here because of this and it’s golden sand.
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