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Welcome to Challenge Tuesday. Today we attempt a War Heads Challenge. The Challenge is to see who can eat their 5 different flavours of WarHeads Extreme Sour sweets first.

The five flavours we have are Blue Raspberry, Black Cherry. Water Melon, Sour Apple and Lemon.
At the end of the video we will be giving away 2 of each flavour so you can try and re-enact or hilarious challenge!

Our Challenge was caught on camera for you to see how it went wrong! You will see that during the video we don’t actually manage to complete a single Warhead Sweet. They Are Super Super sour.
Comment below your favourite flavour below.

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The Hoopsters are a kid and family friendly youtube channel Hello and welcome to The Hoopsters. We are Imogen and Abigail, we’ve been creating videos with our parents for the past year on our other channel. However there were videos that we wanted to do that didn’t fit that style. So we’ve decided to create a second channel to create kid friendly videos, including Unboxing Reviews, Blind Bags, My Little Pony, Kinder Surprise Eggs, Shopkins, Challenge Videos, Science Fun and much much more.

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